jung joon young at concert in seoul dec 2015 2


  • well.. why not him?

while he seems to be my (most) favorite Korean musician at the moment and I’ve found out  something dope in the weird male rocker.

breaking news is often updated very well on other sites, so with this blog I would like to share nice articles that I translate from several worthy sources on my own and my thoughts about him and his works as well when I have some free time or I’m in proper mood to blog.

the blog’s name is aboutjungjoonyoung but it’s content is beyond JJY-related stuffs, cuz I also love two trios JYJ, Epik High and I’m interested in Kpop, Kdrama or Kbiz in general.

besides, I’ll try to do some fun little things with my first public blog.

jung joon young in shanghai concert ATTENTION on December 2015
Jung Joon Young always looks cool and funny at the same time with his guitar and messy haircut on stage
  • why greenieleaf?

just because I like green and trees + leaves.

  • welcome to my blog, dudes!! BUT you’ll know how much I am lazy to update this blog sooner or later (:
  • let’s rock n’ roll, babe \m/


Jung Joon Young là nghệ sĩ HQ mình đang yêu thích (nhất) và cảm thấy có rất nhiều điều thú vị ở anh chàng rocker hâm hâm này. tin nóng, tin nhanh đã có những chốn khác update tốt, nên ở đây mình chỉ chia sẻ những bài phỏng vấn tự dịch hoặc vài cảm nhận riêng tư khi mình siêng năng và.. rảnh quởn.

aboutjungjoonyoung, nhưng ko chỉ có vậy. vì mình còn thích nhóm JYJ,  Tablo + Epik High và quan tâm chút chút về Kpop, Kdrama hay Kbiz nói chung nữa.

rồi cũng sẽ thử nghiệm vài thứ linh tinh khác với blog này 🙂

January 4, 2016

\m/ from greenieleaf with love and peace \m/

photo credit: fcukxxxx


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